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Dear Ted,
In this time of national tragedy, we all have heightened feelings of patriotism and the need to display and honor our flag. It occurred to my husband and I that you and your family have been constant in your patriotism and in encouraging other to pledge their allegiance to our flag everyday. We wanted to say "Thank you".
Nancy Fisher

Dear Uncle Teddy,
Hey! I got my film developed when I returned back to Florida. I really enjoyed saying the Pledge of Allegiance that morning in the restaurant, since we do not say the pledge in my high school. It is really awful that America ha come down to this, where students can't even say the pledge at school. I enjoyed hearing your story on the reason why you and your father started the pledge at the Delly!. You are a really nice guy an I am happy that I had a chance to meet you since my dad has always talked about your Delly. Now I had a chance to try the food at the delly, and it was AWESOME! Your chocolate chip waffles are the best I have ever had. When I go back up to Maryland for vacation I will defiantly have to stop at Chick & Ruth's Delly.

Dear Teddy,
I just wanted to take a moment to compliment you on being a great American. I was moved by your daily practice of saying the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag each morning. As you know, the pledge is one of the best reminders of the liberties, which we all share in this great country without regard to political affiliation, race or creed. I trust that letter finds both you and your family well. I look forward to my next trip back to Annapolis when I can join you at breakfast or lunch to share a common bond in the love our our great country.
W.D. Schneider
Office of the Sheriff, Michigan

Hey Ted and family,
I don't know how good your memory is but, way back in March this year, my husband, our son and I stayed at the Scotluar Inn above your Deli. We had the time of our lives, we had a wonderful breakfast every morning which was included in our room price and everyone was so nice to us and our son. Every time we ate there someone would give him some licorice to eat (they spoiled him more than we do, and that is very hard to do). The one lady who worked in the morning was especially wonderful, my son even called her grandma. Any way there were a few others that were a very big part of our experience. The whole experience was great and the people you have on staff are incredible. The morning cook was also great, he came out and talked to our son when he was crying, he gave our son some licorice to eat and Isaac was just fine after that. He (your cook) was very accommodating to me and my husband also, He always went our of his way to make sure everything was perfect for us. I just wanted to tell you that the experience we had was awesome. Thank you for making the start of both of our second marriages a wonderful lifetime memory. we are bringing all our the children back so they can experience the life of Chick and Ruth's delly & the Scotlaur Inn.
Thank you very much,
Guy & Evelyn

Dear Ted & Staff,
Sometime ago, my daughter & I were in down town Annapolis & we came across "the Delly". From the moment we walked in, I could reminisce to a time long ago of corner drug stored with fountain counters etc. We had found a place that we immediately fell in love with! The waitresses were so friendly that it was almost unbelievable. They had authentic smiles & no plastic welcome to ____ , can I take your order? Today, we visit the Delly often bringing family, friends & neighbors. My daughter enjoys the hamburgers & real milkshakes! The baby eats the Main Mouse. My husband & I get breakfast foods. When I come with my neighbors- we get pastrami on rye! In other words, there is something for everyone & we all enjoy it. It's good food, good family fun and of course entertainment with the magic. I recently brought some friends form my old neighborhood in D.C. there! They loved it. I'm sure you don't remember but you kept them laughing with the magic! I was just telling some of my other friends about the daily pledge of allegiance and they were so anxious to visit your place. I know you understand how special your place is, but I just want you to know it is very special to my family. Like you, I grew up in a family business & I'm glad I can still bring my children to a family business today!
Take Care,
Sheila & family
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