Chick and Ruth's Delly Annapolis, Maryland Delicatessen

165 Main Street · Annapolis, MD 21401 · (410) 269-6737


Abby & Madeline enjoying a Ice Cream Soda. Great local ladies....
Lilyana, Layla, Beck & Liam Great young kids leading the Delly in the Pledge to the Flag...
LILA paying for the family. Knowing families like these is what makes running our family business a joy...
Melanie\'s Sweet 16 \r\nMay 4, 2017\r\nGreat young folks...
My good friend Michael is trying to steal my wife. Mike, she is expensive, be careful
So Great to see Leon. They are a great American Family. He now has his own family and is a Marine & his son is also a Marine. Knowing Families like Leon\'s is what it all about...
First Whole pie bought by Brian & Brian.. ENJOY
Greg & Stan, Keep smiling and giving out the $2 bills. & say hi to your dad for me...
April enjoying her Birthday dessert. See you soon.
The Berman\'s & friends enjoying a colossal Shake.
Izzy Sporting her Chick & Ruth\'s Pride!!! (She\'s Beautiful, Smart, Single and from a great family guys)
Jamison on his 1st Birthday with his Beautiful mom & family @ Chick & Ruth\'s
Beth enjoys telling Joe Flacco & Dennis Pitta how to fix the offense, the Ravens let him call his own plays & get rid of Cam...
Paul Reed Smith & Davy Knowles, Paul thanks for bringing in Davy. You are a great friend...
Jimmy Banks with Ted celebrating first Squirt goal with Navy Youth Hockey.
Kenny, A new cashier in training at Chick & Ruth\'s, watch out Chuck, Casey is going to push you out...
Celeste\'s beautiful smile makes here a great little girl
Why is Ava laughing when I ask her out on a date?
Great new family to the area, Dale, Michele & Great young man, Josh.
Nicky, Brian, Adam, John & Brent of the BAYHAWKS, fun bunch of guys... Thanks
Pretty Samantha leading the Delly in the Pledge.
OK Will, don\'t Cookie wait for ever, no pressure from us though.... She is a keeper...
Long time regular Roger with his beautiful daughter Jen....
A new Delly friend & a fan of man vs. food, this the Beautiful Hannah & guys, think she is single...
This is why I love our family business, L to R: Laura Palmer,Cathy-Joan Palmer (our daughter)\r\nCarolyn Palmer, Jessie MacDonald, David Palmer, Al MacDonald and one Ted Thanks, Al (family from England)
Shaina, It was a pleasure meeting you. Keep smiling and I look forward to seeing you soon. Your friend, Uncle Teddy\r\n
Rachid just proposed to Ashely at Chick & Ruth\'s, & of course the answer was YES. Congrats! guys, have a Happy & Healthy Life together.....
Check out Sam G. in his new Chick & Ruth\'s Bib.
Will the real Teddy Please stand. It was a pleasure meeting you, Ted
Theodore 8 weeks old first time out in public and in Chick & Ruth\'s, starting another family tradition
This beautiful girl Danielle is now Driving!! Congrats, Danielle & be safe and enjoy.. Ted
Woody, Hope you feel better, Missed seeing you. Your friend Uncle Teddy
Abigale, Jim Lumley\'s Daughter with Tanya, good friends
Alex enjoying her Blueberry Pancakes
The Moped Maniacs, a great group of guys & great friends.
Local Jeff with his Mom Wendy, daugher Katie & Grandmother Carol from CLarence Center, NY. Grandma started a local restaurant in her area doing the pledge on Mondays because of us.
Sewing up hole in Stan's sweater
Chick & Ruth's is a full service Delly. Sewing up hole in Stan's sweater. I love my job! Only at C&R's
Broadneck High School
Clayton Culp Broadneck High School Math Teacher Assistant Athletic Director Football and Baseball Coach Habitat for Humanity Club Sponsor
Ed & Nick's Grandkids
Ed & Nick's grandkids. Nick's grandson is Cameron Clark, my grandson son is Bryce DiPietro
Lois & Rockettes
Lois teaching the girls
how to be rockettes
Lou Hyatt
Lou Hyatt, a great family man and business man.
Jessica on the Ed Norris show
Jessica on the Ed Norris show. Jessica one of our great servers
Nam Knights of American MC Nam Knights of American MC: Old Line Chapter Ray "Bomber" Nieves, Carolyn "Chas" Nieves, Bill "Preacher" Murphy, Helen Murphy, Jim "Sparky" Maringo, Trudy Maringo Mark "Slick" Schlickbernd, Val Schlickbernd, Dan "Doc" Schneider, Wendy Schneider, a great bunch of Americans. Maybe one day I can be apart of the chapter?
Lois & Grianne
Lois & Gerianne. Geriane is Lois's daughter and our cancer walking girl. She has raised thousands of dollars. Keep up the good work. Lois I love you. It makes my day to see you.
Ben DiDonato
Ben DiDonato, an Eagle Scout from Troop 382 and boy is his dad proud. He lights up whenever he is talking about Ben.
The Norton Family
The Norton Family, I thank them for their service. Look out, it's good dad is a big guy, for all the guys are going to be after the beautiful little baby doll.
Catlin, Kelsey & Taylor Twins
Twins Mid Catlin, sister Kelsey & Taylor twins have been coming in since babies
Erin, my chocolate top eating partner
Reed, Erin's brother & protector

Acting Mayor of Annapolis July & Aug. It was fun.
Alex, Brian & Matt
Alex, Brian & Matt are the Delly offical Mistake Locators
Nate & Anglia with kids Lauren, Lilia & Nash
Nate & Anglia with kids Lauren, Lilia & Nash

The First Chick & Ruth's Tennis Tournament
Skip, Stan, Gene & Bob: the first Chick & Ruth's Tennis Tournament.

Kathleen made honor roll at Annapolis Middle and plays basketball for the Optimist.
Beautiful Laura, checking out the pic of her mom, Senator Nancy Jacobs.
James with grandaughter Jenny
Grandpa James with grandaughter Jenny, long time friends.
Maeve. Who would ever think a beautiful little girl could eat this whole burger? Well don't worry, she didn't— we are just having fun.
UPS guy Mike
Mike, our friendly UPS man. Watch out ladies.
Molly & Gabe
Molly & Gabe have been coming in since they were little kids. Gabe just asked Molly to the prom, Look at those smiles, who would ever guess Molly said yes!
Kagan Kagan Rebecca
No really, these two Kagan twins are not mine. But I love em. Rebecca lives in Edgewater

Jessica & Megan
Jessica & Megan, my adopted twin daughters, with their family. They are one of a kind. Roby, you better not wait long, Megan won't wait forever. Their two girls will make a great catch.
Chloe and Carson
Mike & Deanna Zitzman's grandkids. Chloe will be three the end of January and Carson will be one the end of February. Excuse me if I forgot to say the proud parents are Ellen & Tim.
Samantha says Yum Yum & Uncle Teddy is wondering how such a beautiful young lady is still single. Samantha has a great personality, she put up with Uncle Teddy.
John, Charley & Nikki
John & girls Charley & Nikki
South River High School Robotics Team
South River High School Robotics Team
Chesapeake Coledonian Pipes and Drums
The Chesapeake Caledonian Pipes and Drums.
Rollins Family
Barry Rollins with Mom & Dad. Barry you are so lucky to have such great parents.
Hollywood Leah, you are a great little lady, Keep making people smile! Thanks for the note, you made my day.
Courtney. Mom & Dad watch out, she is a beauty, I have a list of guys who want her phone #.
Lisa & Jim and baby Isabel
Baby Isabel Maria's first time out with Mom & Dad, Lisa & Jim. Isabel's first milk shake is on me.
Lois, James and Emily
Emily with Mom & Dad, Lois & James. She looks like a movie star.
Kai-lee, Rory and Abraham
Little Abraham with Mom & Dad, Kai-lee & Rory. Rory is now Teaching at USNA.

Bill keeps me on my toes in the morning. Good friends are good to have.
Bill & Neil
Bill & Neil. No one can keep up with Bill in a canoe.
Olmo Family
The Olmo Family reunion with the Neumann & Seefeldt's.
Ron & Maureen
Ron & Maureen. Fun People. They make me laugh every weekend.
Mary Beth & Gill
Mary Beth & Gill. Gill, be careful, Mary Beth won't wait forever! You guys make a great couple.
Jim, Jim, Carl & Margorie
Jim, Jim, Carl & Margorie hiding in the corner. Great guys. Jim keeps us laughing.
Shannon & Jen
Shannon & Jen at AACC, Josh attending Harding Univ. & Kelly (hot) Spankie Bottoms attending Broadneck High School
Debbi & Mark
Cousin Debbi & Mark. Mark, you have your work cut out for you with Debbi.
City Hall gang
I know it is lunch when the City Hall gang comes in. Every business should be so lucky to have such great customers, NO, friends as these guys. Barbara, Sam, Paul & Karen.
Wayne, Dave & Tom
The 3 famous State House painters: Wayne, Dave & Tom
Bob & Brenda
Bob & Brenda at table 14, morning regulars
The Geisen Family
Commander & Mrs Geisen & kids Gabbie, Hannah & Molly who all 3 work in the Delly.
Grace and Erin
Grace & Erin
leading the Pledge
Sue helping to get our day started.
Miss Mary enjoying a few french fries & gravy
Mr. Scheckles
Mr. Scheckles.
Anyone need a plumber?
Gene, our in-house machinist.
Mayor Hopkins and Dottie Wright Left: Mayor Hopkins trying to pick up Dottie Wright. Dottie doesn't have the heart to tell the mayor she is married. Mayor Hopkins is the longest running elected official in the history of Annapolis. Dottie, is a great friend of the family, She was a part of Hospice and took care of Ruth. Dottie, I will never forget you. Thanks for being there thru the years.
Stan, Kvetch, Kvetch, Kvetch. Say what you want, Stan is a good friend and helps start our day. Secret: He took the pic of John boy saluting at the Kennedy funeral.
John, tells us it takes a tough man to make a tender chicken. But for real, he makes some great boat hooks.
Mrs. Helen has been coming in for over 40 years. I love her... But she does tell me, "One day maybe they will get my toast right"
Savannah and Caroline
Savannah, our Olympian Gymnast, & her mom, Caroline. "We love Uncle Teddys magic". Dad, when your pretty girls are in, we try to keep all the guys away from them.
Skip, "another day in Paradise". Skip is one of the most down-to-earth guys and great friend.
Mr. Legum
Mr. Legum is know as "The best dressed man in Annapolis". This may be true, but more importantly, he is one of the nicest men I know. Has been eating with us every morning since 1965.
Lisa & Dick Hillman
Dick Hillman, former Annapolis Mayor with his beautiful wife, Lisa. Yes, she keeps him straight, sometimes?
Tom & Barb
Tom (Mr. Muscles) & Barb. The best way to start our week, at Chick & Ruth's. (don't tell tom, I have been working out, don't laugh)
Lois & Joe
Lois & Joe. They are what happiness is about.
The Caldwell Family
The Caldwell Family, just down to earth nice people.
Without Clarance we wouldn't have our fresh produce
every day.

Alexis & Woody. Alexis will horse race you any time. (And bet you she is good)

Carol keeps all the morning regulars straight

Steve, the first #20 sandwich at Chick & Ruth's. A great family friend.

Barry, once a C&R employee, now has his own car detailing business.

Dot & Frances. That's right, you better
obey the crossing guards.

Paul and Ryan, a great American father and son team. Folks, This is what family is all about. I love them.

Annapolis Mayor Moyer. We started doing the pledge to the Flag on Mayor Moyers birthday years ago. She is one hard working lady.

Mike, Professor at the USNA. He helps us with our English, He has his work cut out for him.

Dick & Kay, long time friends of Chick & Ruth. They are there when it counts. I want to thank you for the memories, Ted (And who don't know that)

Dave, helping to save
the environment.
Jim & Laetitia
Jim & Laetitia. Ted made sure they got married. The guys in the Delly are jealous of Jim.
Sophie & Tate
Sophie & Tate. No they are not married, they are brother & sister. And, I may say they are great kids.
165 Main Street · Annapolis, MD 21401
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