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Ted & Beth

Lauren, friends & family in NY Enjoying a weekend at Lauren's condo 2 days before New Years 2008 with Heather
Now you know why Ted's boat is the Delly. He thinks he is really sailing. We didn't tell him the motor is on and the sails are down.
Ted and Scott after Skydiving
Ted & Scott, after their first Sky Diving adventure. Your kids make you do crazy things?
Beth playing in the Dead Sea
Ted and Beth
Enjoying some free time with my beautiful wife in Las Vegas at Caesars
Ted and Beth
Relaxing for a change spending time on the roof of Lauren's condo waiting for her to get home from work.
Ted and Family
With the kids growing up, it is not often we get to spend time all together playing on the bay.
Ted and Scott
Father & son on an annual scuba trip, this one to St. Maarten to check out a medical school for Scott
165 Main Street · Annapolis, MD 21401
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