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Dad Ron with his Beautiful Girls Ariyan & Aaliyah
Great meeting such nice families like April, Ariyan, Aaliyah & Ron..
New friends, a great family The Medeiros\' Family. Thanks for the fun time and memories. meeting people like you make it all worth wild. Stay Well Ted
Eileen from NJ. Pleasure meeting people from all over, makes our day.....
Missing our good friend Bjornor.. Hope all is well in the service. I am proud to see the way you have grown up. Look forward to seeing you.
2014 Even More Beautiful Gidget.. Always great to see you
The 2013 Beautiful Gidget
Annapolis you missed Beautiful Maura, Maybe next time. It was a pleasure, Uncle Teddy. Keep Smiling...
Guys, you missed the Smart & Beautiful Maura. Maybe Next time. It was a Pleasure meeting Maura, Uncle Teddy Keep Smiling!
Guys, you missed the Smart & Beautiful Maura. Maybe Next time. It was a Pleasure meeting Maura, Uncle Teddy Keep Smiling...
The Poughkeepsie Party Girls, Halle, Alexa, Kayla, and Jacqueline. Really fun family. Nice meeting you guys. Look forward to seeing you again.
Masaaki from Japan & Lucia enjoying the morning..
Meeting such a polite fun little lady like Chloe is what makes running our family business so much fun. Chloe, keep smiling and enjoying life... Uncle Teddy
Cornerstone Baptist Church group and one that we won\'t forget for a long time, Great singers....
The Five Oaks Swim Team in Catonsville MD, great kids....
Harrison Holzer, a Great young man & hope fully a future movie star that stays a nice grounded person...
Antonia to be famous Water Polo player from Fla, is my new friend...
The Roberts enjoying a great family vacation. Take care guys....
Ann, Susie, Ted, Carolyn & Hamish, Our good friends from Scotland. Hamish escorting the pretty ladies, jealous...
John & Daniel are both single ladies, and John in the red, ate a 1 Pound Burger, he\'s the man....
I was wishing for a daughter in law just like Angie, Beauty only out shined by her fabulous personality
I love running our family business, beautiful sisters like these girls coming in. Look forward to seeing you again soon
Our new friend Tzigane from Vegas, Thanks for the fun & Have a Healthy & Happy New Years..
Too cute, baby\'s first pickle.... Life is good
What a Beautiful smile. Please to meet you Jacklyn. Have a great year in school, Uncle Teddy
Joe\'s teaching me a magic trick on his 4th Birthday.\r\nMany more birthdays.. Joe, Great Trick!!!
Chuck, Janene, Trish & Marty from New Jersey, enjoying lunch in Annapolis. thanks for all you do...
A pleasure meeting Evan from virginia, Evan, keep enjoying life and I look forward to seeing you again sometime. Uncle Teddy
Our Girls from Canada, OOPs, I forgot to tell you girls to remind Chuck, his wife wants him to bring home a gallon of milk... Pleasure meeting you..
L-R, Hillary, Keith & Diana, Pleasure meeting you guys, keep Enjoying life.
Happy 36th anniversary to Ed & Onnie, a great couple. Keep enjoying life and great Health... Ted
From left to right is: Laura, Ted, Kimo, Collin, Jack, you, Grace, Mason, and Alex. The last two are are honorary family members. Jim & Christine, you have a great Family, Enjoy every day
Meredith, where is peter. Oops, these are great guys.
Sheila & Louis great couple showing us a fun time, Guys, always enjoy life with each other... Ted
John & Courtney with friend Mark visit from DC area. (If John is as smart as I think he is, he will get a ring on Courtney\'s finger soon) oops, did I say that?
This is the type of family that makes America, Dad Abe III, Luella Mom, Kristina & Abe IV the kids. What a down to earth fun family working on a 6 pound Shake....
Our Beautiful local girl Sara with her Greek Family Katerina, Kostis, Alexis & Jannis. Great fun people, makes you want to go home to Greece with them.
A Great fun Family, Jodi Corn, Taylor Boggio and Nicole Boggio
Caitlin & Ross, What a great couple. (Ross don\'t let Caitlin get away, I know were there are some great jewelry stores) No pressure here.... Good luck guys, enjoy life.... Ted
this great girl Haley has personalty + and is pretty too, she will be a GREAT catch...
The McCarter Family, What a great bunch of kids...
Ha, Gentelmen, This pretty girl Aiveen is single and really smart also...
Two Great kids Matthew & Emma from VA.
JULIE our Chocolate Top Queen...
The Baldwin kids enjoying their vaction
Marisa (Missy) & Wayne & Judy (Dad & Mom)Watch out Mid\'s, Missy is here.... A really great family
Great fun meeting the Duke Family from OK.
Steven & Brother Brian visit from Brooklyn NY. Great fun.
\"The girls from Ohio State!\" These ladies are why I love our family business. They made our day!! Thank You..
Naomi & Kayla just a couple of the great girls from the Faith Christian School in Lafayette, IN
Alfredo\'s 18th birthday with Uncle Teddy and friend Christian. Great guys and had a lot of fun with the family...
Who can drink the most
Guys, watch out for the Courtney Warning & her sister. Two beautiful girls
Why did Ava laugh when I ask her out for a date???
Mark from Damascus, Md taking on a jumbo Banana split
Ava & Soph, enjoying a friendly shake
Dawn working on a shake, & loving it.
Chi & Grace Loving everyday.
Joey is getting ready for a big meal
James Madison University Freshmen doing the Polar Bear Plunge These girls are crazy! Oops, did I say that? From left to right: Cait Krasowski, Laura Drude, Beth Drude, Shannon Daly & hidden, Carolyn Chastka, all freshmen from James Madison University, doing the Polar Bear Plunge.

Luke, watch out for the girls
Lily & Maxie from Boston
Lily & Maxie from Boston
Rawlings Undergraduate Leadership Fellows
Rawlings Undergraduate Leadership Fellows

Shinae Kim
Shinae Kim, who came to the Delly with a bunch of international students.

Gallia Coles Group from Atlanta, GA

Mike, Rachael, Tyler, Melanie & Samantha Shiels

From the other side of the world, how lucky can we be to meet so many pretty ladies! Kiki, Daodao, Daisy, Ada, Fairy, Laura

David Anderson, history teacher; Whitney Faires, Vice Principal; Commandant Klein, Leroy Cantrell, business teacher; and Talita DeNegri, Principal Commandant Klein and many of the Mount St. Mary High School students.
Overheim Brothers
Overheim Brothers from Parker, PA only come to Annapolis to eat at Chic and Ruth's!

Grace Elizabeth
Grace Elizabeth, the Delly Pickle Queen.
Angela getting ready to go to a Navy game & yes they did win
Bob, Sandy, Tommy, Brenda, Don & Linda
Bob, Sandy, Tommy, Brenda, Don & Linda. Enjoying great conversation with some down to Earth friends.

Visitors from Denmark
Ulla brought me an article from Denmark
Julius Freeman
What an honor, Julius Freeman is one of the original Tuskeggee Airman during World War II
George Henderson
Started the original wave in 1981 in major league ball parks. Crazy George Henderson.

Knorrs and Sheppards
Left to right: Ron & Marian Knorr from Oxford, PA, Kim and Brian Sheppard from Elkton MD. 1st row: Skylar Sheppard (the award winner), and Emma Sheppard, the kosher pickle lover!
Delly Visitors
Welcome back to our Friends from Hernando, Coldwater & Bed Banks MS. Don & Judy, Hohn, Fred, Scott, Less & Terry & Grandsons Michael & Cody.
Lory from Florida
Lory from Florida, thanks for the fun, miss you.

Lola, the future Mid. with Tessa, Caroline & John
Rob Morrison
Rob Morrison, Commanding Officer, High Speed Vessel (HSV) 2 SWIFT, leads the Pledge of Allegiance.
Travis & Ryan
Travis & Ryan. What a great way to work your way through college. Look forward to seeing you guys and your family soon.

What a great family. Tell me this dad is not proud. Keep up the good work guys.
Robert Haag & his gang
Robert Haag & his gang from Pittsford NY. They know how to have fun & they are the best dressed people in Annapolis
 Kiki, Daodao, Daisy, Ada, Fairy, Laura
Kiki, Daodao, Daisy, Ada, Fairy, Laura—all these pretty girls in one place. How lucky can we get. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Andrea, Peggy & Brian
Andrea, Peggy & Brian
The Hosler Family
The Hosler's of Wernersville, PA, proud parent and sister of Mid Joe
Ed, Thanks for being you.

Yoko & Amanda
Yoko from Tokyo & Amanda from PA. Enjoying Annapolis.
Timothy is a great kid and made my day. I look forward to seeing you soon.
Alexandra, Claire & Marianne
Alexandra, Claire & Marianne from France, studying journalism.

Yukari & Rieko
Yukari & Rieko. How lucky can a guy be to have two beautiful ladies by his side? Ladies it was great meeting you. Enjoy every day.
Krauss Family
Martha & Will Krauss with their beautiful daughters & their husbands. If you're in Matthews NC you must spend the night with the Krauss's at their beautiful Inn, the 803 Elizabeth Lane B&B.
Chris & Niki
Chris & Niki's first date was at Chick and Ruth's and now this is their 1 year anniversary. How lucky are we. Chris is in heaven!

John Nuzzo Family
John Nuzzo's Family, John sang the Star Spangled Banner. It was a mind blower. He has a god gifted voice. Right behind John is Paige, Tyler than Erica. Left side, front to back: Tracey, Brenda & Jackie
Gang from Pittsburgh, PA
Left to right: Ted, Chrissy (living in Annapolis), Ed, Ed, Jessica, Alice, Judy, from Pittsburgh, PA
Jessmille going to be a famous actress in NY one day & I can tell everyone I know you. Thanks, enjoy every day and take care of yourself.

Charles and Jane Wall
Charles & Jane Wall
A fun bunch from James Madison U
A fun bunch from James Madison U
Nat's Birthday
It was Nat's Birthday, with Jen Gillson

Mike, Allen, Larry & Rande
Mike, Allen, Larry & Rande eat in the Delly for the last 20 years on the way to Assateagus Island, VA.
Ted & Liz  with Jim & Joanne
Ted & Liz with Jim & Joanne, Long time friends from Monroe! Georgia. I wish they would move to Annapolis, They are just real down to earth folks. Thanks for a great time.
Florida Fencing Team
Joy and part of the Florida Fencing Team. They are a great bunch of young adults. Can't wait to see Joy the birthday girl again.

Carole, Francas, Malhieu,  Bastien & Greg
Carole, the Beautiful Blonde, and her great friends, Francas, Malhieu, Bastien & Greg. It was great meeting these young folks from France.
Jennifer, what a beautiful smile!
Chloe & Lucy
Two pretty ladies from Austria, Chloe & Lucy.

Sandy singing the Canadian National Anthem
Sandy from Canada singing the Canadian National Anthem.
It was beautiful
Andrew was part of The States big fishing contest. Hey, Andrew, when are you going to take me fishing?
Adrienne & Stan
Adrienne & Stan, celebrating their 12th anniversary. We wish them many more.
Riki, Hedy, Anna Cory, Taylor, Amery, Keegan, Meghan, a great family here to honor their husband, dad & brother, Robert, at a memorial for fallen fire fighters. We had a great time. Guys, I am thinking of Robert. Stay proud and remember he is looking down on you. Everyday do something good he would be proud of. Riki, Hedy, Anna Cory, Taylor, Amery, Keegan, Meghan.
The Coltrain/Harris Family
Life is good when you meet such down to earth folks like the Coltrain/Harris Family. From left to right back row, me (Ted), my future daughter-in-law, Cassie (whoops, I forgot to tell my son!), Jennifer, Lane (who has the sweetest accent, I love it), then, Wyatt & Reg. And last, but not least, the little butterfly in the front is the boss of the bunch, Momma Faye.

Scarlett & Mitch
Scarlett & Mitch. You wouldn't know Scarlett is expecting. Hey guys, the little one's first milk shake is on me. Good luck and it will be the best thing that ever happened to you.
Amanda & Brett
Amanda & Brett. Brett, thanks for all you do. Be careful and make sure you take care of Amanda.
Sabrina, Sabrina, Shirley, Pam
Sabrina, Sabrina, Shirley, Pam. OH Well, I guess no one notices me, that's life.

My new friends from France, Patrice, Jean Pierre, Chantal, Aude & Astrid.

There is no lack of fun the this family from PA & Mexico. Joe, Adriama, Luis, Maleua, Mariana, Luis, Lauren, Malenita, Joseph, America & Luis
Titav & Yahav
Brothers Titav & Yahav from Israel. I hope to see you soon. I loved Israel when there, I can't wait to come back & see you.

The Zimmer  Family
The Zimmer Family. Great friends we see every year. Hoping they move to Annapolis one day.
MM Angeles
MM Angeles. This is what I call an Ice Cream Cone. MM I know you ate both of them. For real you have a great family, keep up the good work. Hope you enjoyed Annapolis.
Kileen from Iowa. Kileen, all the guys were asking for your # when you left.

Sock-Monkey "Our 9 year-old granddaughter Danielle left Sock-Monkey with us. She told us that every time we looked at him we would remember her and how much she loved us. We decided to take Sock-Monkey along on the trip. I would like to thank you for a magnificent dining experience at Chick and Ruth's Delly & you can bet the next time we're within a hundred miles of Annapolis we will stop in." Greg and Rita Garrett.

Skorg/Riley family
The Skorg/Riley family from Norway. Unni, Frank & Bjornar. I've know them Bjornar was 10 months old. It's great to watch Bjornar grow from a child to a fine young man.
Look at pretty Sydney, sorry guys, I think she has a boyfriend?
Maya, Helen, Alfonso, Anayte,  Ramiro & Nabila
My friends Maya, Helen, Alfonso, Anayte, Ramiro & Nabila from Mexico.

Sally, Matt & Halle
Sally, Matt, & Halle. Andrew is Sally's brother locked up in plebe summer at USNA. Andrew, when you get out, come see me and I will fix you up with a Great Shake.
Davis & Mathew
Davis & Mathew from Atlanta. Fun guys.
Camp B.S Group: Craig & Melody, Gordon & Cheryl, Tom & Tamara, Rich & Karen. A fun bunch of friends.

Keri, Lindsey, Blake, & Brian from Louisiana. Can't wait to see them again.
Joann, Tom, David, Olivia, Scott & Melanie from PA. It's nice to meet fun people.
Bill Sr. & Dot
Bill Sr. & Dot, Go Steelers. In to eat while visiting there Son Bill Jr. and family. Truly an all American family.

Friends presenting Ted with POW*MIA Flag. They are both vets themselves, and he was a pow.
Ted with Jim and Rachel and Family
One great family. Jim & Rachel and their 10 children: Jimmy, Rebekah, Lizzy, Leah, Josh, Paul, Hannah, John, Joseph & Peter
Friends from Mississippi
Harley friends from Desota Co. Mississippi: Rita & Greg Garrett, Den & Judy Clark & John Alexander
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