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Ted the Magic Man

Ted the Magic Man Ted loves life. From way back in first grade Ted has always liked having a good time and making people laugh. Back then it probably got Ted into more trouble then he wanted. But as the years went on, it became a good thing. Ted started learning magic in 1985, figuring magic was a great way to make people laugh and enjoy life. While you are laughing, you can forget about your troubles. When his mom, Ruth, was sick with cancer, he thought it would be nice to go to the hospitals where she was getting treatment and make the kids laugh. Sorry to say, Ted's parents never knew he was doing magic. Ted practiced for almost a year before showing anyone any of his tricks.

When his mom passed away at such a young age, Ted felt that he had to make every day count. He stopped watching TV and whenever the family had the TV on, he would leave the room and go into his office and practice magic. About 6 months after Ruth passed away, Ted started doing magic in the Delly for fun. When he thought he was good enough, he started going to hospitals and doing magic for the kids. Now Ted does magic in the Delly all the time and does shows outside the Delly to raise money for cancer research. All the money raised from tips or the shows he does, is donated to the Anne Arundel Medical Center or the American Cancer Society. As of January 2006, Ted has raised over $750,000 in memory of his parents, Chick & Ruth.

Anyone who would like to help may send a check payable to the "Ruth & Chick Memorial Fund" in care of Anne Arundel Medical Center. If you send your check to Ted and it will be given to the hospital.
165 Main Street · Annapolis, MD 21401
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